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Ok, so here’s the deal:

A while ago I posted this, because the roof on my family’s home was getting dangerously bad. I asked people not to donate, because I didn’t feel at the time it was necessary. However, it’s been almost a year and because we haven’t had the spare money to put away or the money to actually pay to get a new roof it’s only gotten worse. 

More of the ceiling in the garage and the living room has fallen in, and the ceiling in the kitchen is buckling even more now. There are very bad leaks both in the living room and the kitchen, and it literally POURS in the garage. Sections of my mother’s bedroom ceiling have began falling in, and there are several large leaks including at least one over her bed. In my bedroom, where there use to be only one small leak, there are now two good sized ones right above my bed and my entire ceiling sprinkles water.

When it rains outside, it essentially rains in our house and it soaks EVERYTHING - which not only ruins our floors and other belongings, but puts more weight and deteriorates the ceiling making it more liable to fall in. Everything being wet so often also ups our chances for serious mold problems. And for those of you who don’t live in Oklahoma, the summers here are CONSTANT rain and storms. 

At this point we don’t even really have the money to ask for a loan. My mother has talked to several people, and they all have said she needs an appraisal before they are even willing to consider it. Which basically means we have to pay an absurd amount of money for someone to come look at our roof, and there’s still a pretty high chance that we won’t even GET the loan (bc of credit issues) and we wouldn’t get the appraisal money back. 

And all of this is on top of several other very expensive issues we are having right now. Our plumbing is fucked over, and our neighbors have called the city on us once already and if it happens a second time, they will dig up our yard without asking and we’ll be left with a crazy bill. 

So, basically:

I am asking those of who you can, please donate something. Any amount of money will help, and I wish I could give something back in return but I’m not an artist and I can’t really make anything for you. Just know that you’re really helping me and my entire family out, and that means so so so much. 

You can donate through the link on my blog, or go to paypal and donate to

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